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For other persons named Skyhook, see Skyhook.

Skyhook Aviation - is the company formed by Jennlynn Swift in 1997 to handle Lambdatron (and other) requirements as well as allow her to fly on personal business between Phoenix and Antelope Valley. As of December 1998, it owned two aircraft; a Cessna 310 (Songbird) and a Learjet 24A (Skyhook; 1967 vintage).

As Skyhook grows from just Jennlynn, she first adds an additional pilot, Mike Hanneman. As things continue to grow, she hires Mike's wife, Nancy to handle the scheduling and occasionally answering a phone. For years, to the extent that they have an office, it's in a corner of Nancy's kitchen.

When the time for another pilot became necessary, Jennlynn hired Joe Brockway, one of the men that had purchased Soiled Dove. He was mostly employed when neither Mike nor Jennlynn were available.