Joe Brockway

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Joe Brockway
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Joe Brockway was a retired Army Colonel and part-time employee of Skyhook Aviation. He was one of four men that purchased Soiled Dove when Jenlynn sold it to upgrade to the twin engined Cessna 310 Songbird. Sometime later, when Jennlynn Swift needed to add another pilot to Skyhook's stables, Mike Hanneman turned to Joe.

"Brockway had about as much time in helicopters as Mike had in jets, but he also had a good chunk of time in the U-3, so Jennlynn had little to worry about on that account." Mc20 The U3 is the military designator for the Cessna 310.

After two years, Skyhook provided about all the flying either Mike or Jennlynn wanted, considering their other interests. When neither was available, they would ask Joe.