George Bush

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George Bush
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George Bush was a Texas real estate developer in Houston, but a frequent customer of Nevada bordellos. He had followed his father's footsteps into the housing development business, from the time he got out of college. He found it boring before long and started looking for other opportunities. When his wife sued for divorce around 1992, she got greedy for his money and he was just as determined to hide it.MC13 One of the smokescreen companies George used to hide his real money was RLR Casino Management.MC23

George Bush is a Democrat with a poor opinion of the President of the same name. He took serious delight in saying "It’d please me if you tell your friends that you had a cup of coffee in a Nevada whorehouse with George Bush." SQ01

George was Jennlynn Swift's first client as a new turnout when she started work at the Mustang Ranch in May 1990. At the time he was described as "fortyish, balding, overweight and not very good looking."MC01

By the time Jennlynn had moved to Bettye's Ranch, George had already passed the word to the floor manager there, Shirley Hoffman.MC02 George managed to keep six girls at Bettye's busy on one slow day. This time he was described as "some kind of animal, but he was a cheerful, jovial, and obviously knowledgeable one." MC07

With George's experience, he heard a lot of gossip at each place and help spread the word between the bordellos. He would talk shop with the girls as he socialized and received ideas for how to improve such a business. By 1990 he had already been thinking about buying a place or starting one, "But the time hasn't been right, and other factors haven't been right." MC07 He had worked with Shirley in an attempt to buy the ranch from Bettye and "take the development a different direction. We were shooting more for a high-class dude ranch with a built-in girlfriend experience." MC13

By 1993, those factors had changed. Bettye had died and the new owners had made things unwelcoming to many of the girls there. Although he'd been negotiating with Bettye's new owners, he bought the Redlite Ranch and invested several million dollars into improving it.MC11 When the newly designed building for the Redlite opened, George had arranged a ceremonial ribbon cutting and made sure "that there were a few demonstrators out there, so they even got some air time on the Las Vegas TV stations." With the hiring of Sarah Ferguson, the restaurant became a popular spot on its own and improved relations with the locals, including the Mormon bishop in Piute Wells - He wasn’t exactly all that thrilled about the business being carried on there, but was hooked on the way Sarah did salmon steaks.MC15 By May 1995, both George and Sarah had earned their license certifying them to run the business and allowing Shirley to take vacations.MC16

In late 1999, George hired Danny Evachevski as a bartender while Danny was establishing the required six weeks of Nevada residency (at the motel across the highway) for a divorce.SQ01 Around this time, "George had found it worthwhile to keep a professional dominatrix on the staff" and had hired Mallory FoxMC31 George, Danny and Mallory were present when Max Hawkins challenged Jennlynn to a mock dogfight.MC28