Sagebrush Motel

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Sagebrush Motel is a small motel located in (fictional) Antelope Valley, Nevada and just across the two-lane highway from the Redlite Ranch Bordello. Watch for the fairly fast traffic, as there's no crosswalk or signal! The highway is the one between Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe.

The Sagebrush was the second motel in town, after the Antelope Valley Inn. It was built in 1959 and early business was dependent upon viewing of giant mushroom clouds generated by the Nuclear Tests at Jackass Flats, not too far away. After the nuclear test bans took effect much of the motel business became dependent upon the six week Nevada residency requirements to qualify for a quickie divorce, and at a much cheaper rate than in Reno or Las Vegas.

The Sagebrush was built by Art Johnson, who was still running it forty years later when Danny Evachevski stayed there in 1999.SQ1 Plus there's Douglas Roberts, who was described by Shirley Hoffman as He's our local attorney. He can run you through the divorce with no problem. It's actually simpler and cheaper here than in Las Vegas, I'm told. HT28

"The Sagebrush Motel was a small place, built of cinder block."SQ1 As Shirley Hoffman described it, "It's not a bad motel, it's just small and old. Art keeps it clean."MC11 The rooms do have phones in them, which don't necessarily hang up just because you knock them to the floor.MC12

Real Life Notes

There's a real Sagebrush Motel in Wamsutter, Wyoming, a second in Jackson, Wyoming and a Sagebrush Inn located in Baker, Montana.