Amy Ashtenfelter

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Amy Ashtenfelter
Female silhouette.png
FatherBob Ashtenfelter
MotherLinda Ashtenfelter

Amy Ashtenfelter is the younger daughter of Bob and Linda Ashtenfelter.SQ4 She has an older sister Marsha. While the Ashtenfelters are from Camden, the family is a member of West Turtle Lake Club and have a cottage near the Evachevskis.BAR733

Amy was the girl friend of Josh Archer during the summer of 1987 while her sister dated Josh's best friend, Danny Evachevski. Their first double date was cut short by an automobile accident that had the kids saving the lives of Ed Sloat and his wife Jill.BAR742 The incident tied the two couples together.

While the foursome continued their double dating the summer of 1988, the dynamics had changed. Both Marsha and Amy knew they were expected to follow in their father's footsteps and go to Athens UniversityBAR758 and Danny expected to follow, but Josh decided to remain home in Spearfish Lake to become a railroad engineer.

Although Amy was the one that dumped Josh, the sisters always considered it Josh's fault.FtS38 The Ashtenfelter sisters spent the summer of 1990 in Europe, paid for by their grandfather.RM1 Although never said, it is likely that Amy graduated from Athens University.

Josh's initial impression was extremely positive, "Just then, a vision of loveliness got out of the back seat of a car, and walked into the Frostee Freeze. She was only in view for a few seconds, but in those seconds, Josh was able to note that she was wearing very short shorts, a bikini top, had a hell of a tan, and long blonde hair down to her cute little butt."BAR733 Josh's sister-in-law, Candice Archer, described her as "She had a great body and didn't care who knew it."FtS30

The Ashtenfelter family are strict vegetarians,BAR733 although after the dramatic rescue of Ed Sloat, both sisters craved a hamburger as a reward.BAR742 The family was known to take vacations at a nudist resort in Florida. It is thought the girls' grandfather has a cottage there.BAR7104

Amy's first husband was Bill. Her second was Sean, whom Amy described as a decent guy; it’s just that we don’t get along very well.SQ11

During the holidays December 2000 Amy turns out at the Redlite Ranch, under a working name of Amelia, to supplement her income as a teacher's aide and the insufficient child support she gets from Sean, whilst he has the kids. Danny is quite surprised when she shows up there. SQ10