Bob Ashtenfelter

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Bob Ashtenfelter
Male silhouette.png
SpouseLinda Ashtenfelter
FatherReverend Doctor Ashtenfelter
Amy AshtenfelterF
Marsha AshtenfelterF

For other persons named Bob, see Bob.

Bob Ashtenfelter is married to Linda and they have two daughters, Marsha and Amy. They live in Camden.

Marsha was married to Danny Evachevski for a while. The events surrounding Danny's divorce and life after it are the major theme in the book Square One, in which Amy has a small part.

The Ashtenfelters and the Evachevskis both belong to the West Turtle Lake Club and their parents own cottages near each other.BAR733 As of January 2010, both families are still members.HP25

The Ashtenfelter family is strict vegetarians (but the girls cheat when they can).BAR733

The Ashtenfelter family was known to take vacations at a nudist resort in Florida. It is thought the girls' grandfather, the "Reverend Doctor Ashtenfelter" has a cottage there.BAR7104