Eve McClellan

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Eve McClellan
Female silhouette.png
Birth nameDenis Everiss Riley
Birth date1970
Birth placeBradford
SpouseJohn McClellan
FatherBill Riley
MotherArlene Riley
Milla McClellanF1999
Sergei McClellanM1999

Dr. Eve McClellan was born Denis Everiss Riley. The story of her life as an unhappy boy and subsequent gender reassignment surgery is told in The Girl in the Mirror.

Eve is married to John McClellan, an engineer. Her parents are Bill and Arlene and she has two older siblings, one brother Tom, who doesn't accept the change, and one sister, Sue who along with her parents does.

Denis was described as "a shy, dorky, awkward boy"HS1 that was frequently picked on by bullies, including Brock and Brett Mansfield and Gary Apling. Even people that didn't actively bully him, some like Scott Tyler would witness it and do nothing.GM3 Jason MacRae remembers Bill Riley promoting him "from the appliance dock to driving a fork truck" after rescuing his son Denis Riley after one event.HS1

Eve's best friend from starting in high school in Bradford is Shae Kirkendahl. Shae and Eve attended Ball State University from 1988 to 1992, including Eve's RLT, time spent living full-time as a woman.

Eve attended graduate school at Syracuse University for her Psychology master's degree. Because of housing issues, her second year roommate was the pre-op Paul McClellan, aka Cheryl.GM22 Eve met John McClellan again at St Priscillasville Vermont, where Cheryl was receiving her SRS surgery. Eve and Shae had gone with the McClellan brothers to their high school prom several years earlier.GM23

Eve and John got married and earned their doctorates at Brown University.GM24

Eve found that she'd been born Intersex.GM2

In November 2001, John and Eve live in a gray brick ranch [...] in a neat, upper middle class subdivision on the north side of Philadelphia, with two adopted children, Milla McClellan and Sergei McClellan, who are in their terrible twos.PUTP24