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Ball State University is a real university located in Muncie, Indiana. It's just east of Interstate 69, in the northeast corner of the state, not terribly far south of the Michigan state line.

Here is the Wikipedia link to Ball State University.   The University's web site can be found at

In the SLT Universe...

  • Bradford, Michigan is a reasonable drive up highway 69.
  • Shae Kirkendahl and Denis Riley start there as freshmen roommates in the fall of 1988, after they graduated from Bradford High School, and continue there for the four years that it takes them to get their bachelors degrees.
  • Shae's High School basketball rival, Tawana Patterson also went to Ball State and played on the team with Shae. The two formed the core of the BSU team, winning the MAC conference championship and earning a NCAA tournament invitation. The team made the Sweet Sixteen in 1989 and the Final Four in 1990. After Tawana's injury in a drive-by shooting in Detroit, the team never recovered from the loss of their main shooter.GM20
  • Myleigh Harris performed a concert at Ball State in October 2001. While so close to his home, Trey Hartwell took her to see his nearby home and meet his parents.BB33