Gary Apling

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Gary Apling
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FatherSkip Apling

For other persons named Gary, see Gary.

Gary Apling was a member of Bradford High School Class of 1988. His father, Skip Apling, worked at General Hardware.

Gary was a friend of Brett and Brock Mansfield and participated in the bullying of Denis Riley until Denis's father Bill Riley had a talk with Skip. "If my kid did wrong, kick his ass," Skip said. "Let me know and I'll kick it, too. God, I can't have Bill Riley on my ass, of all people."GM5

Sometime in the next year, before graduation, Gary was out of Bradford High. "Gary Apling had been caught with marijuana and was spending some time at the county youth home."GM12

Gary started racing cars since at least 8th grade when Emily Jones watched him at the Bradford Track in an Economy Stocks heat. Emily's opinion was "I’m not exactly wishing him good luck, [...] He’s a jerk."BR3-22

In the summer of 1990, he was still racing at the Bradford Track, without much success. As Scott Tyler explained. "Gary was the kind of guy who warmed the bench in football a lot, but to hear him talk about it he was the hero of every game"DM7