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Chicago is a large city in Illinois, the largest in the US Midwest (see Wikipedia article).

Chicago is the location of Dress to Desire, a specialty clothing store run by Carl Buttery, and Hadley-Monroe Industries and Heller-Aller, which were mentioned in several stories.

An industry show (NSME Convention) where Lambdatron exhibited was held in Chicago in February 2002.GT1 Jon and Tanisha Chladek, and Angela Morton manned the booth there.GT5

Glen Ellyn is a suburb of Chicago and was the home that Karin and Pete Chladek raised their three children. Pete's second wife Doris was also a Chicago native.

By November 2001, Cheryl McClellan and her husband Chad teach at Northwestern University in the Chicago area.PUTP24 PUTP41

Mallory Fox, a professional dominatrix, had a studio there by February 2002.MC31