Dress to Desire

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Dress to Desire is a (fictional) specialty clothing store in Chicago. Their clientele is mostly cross-dressing men. It also has a room in the back used for classes in How to dress and act like a woman. It is run by Carl Buttery.

As Shae introduced "You don't buy shoes like this at K-Mart".GM9 Joyce Kirkendahl also gets her shoes there, but wouldn't want it spread around town. They found it because they shopped at a similar place in Denver before moving to Bradford.

It is located in "an area of low commercial buildings, not too far from the Loop." Inside "a mostly normal-looking women's clothing store that carried a little bit of everything, and a large shoe section. On closer inspection, the clothing seemed a little more flamboyant than would be found in a neighborhood women's clothing store, but that was about all."GM9