Alone Together Chapter 5

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Alone Together
Chapter 5 of 18
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Time frameMay 1997
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  • St. Louis
  • An unnamed chain motel in Amarillo, Texas... one with a cheap rate on its roadside sign



Jon arrives early to pick up Tanisha to find her waiting on the curbside with all her bags. As they are loading, Tanisha's brother tries to stop her from going. Jon is forced to try to use the little self-defense that Crystal has taught him. Jon succeeds in knocking over her brother and they jump in the car and make a fast getaway. They do not start to relax until they are across the state line.

They stop for the night in a motel outside Amarillo, where they get the only room that is available. Here, alone together, after relaxing in the swimming pool, they finally consummate their love.