Alone Together Chapter 4

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Alone Together
Chapter 4 of 18
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Time frameMay 1997
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Tanisha and Jon receive their summer jobs from Lambdatron, at a lot more pay than they would have been getting at home. However they still have to go back to Glen Ellyn and St Louis to collect their belongings.

Jon returns to Glen Ellyn, to receive a new car from his parents (a delayed graduation gift). Sadly, his father very soon makes it clear that he is expecting Jon to work at Hadley-Monroe doing almost entry-level Autocad drafting, that he is still angry with Crystal and blames her for everything that has gone wrong, and also makes racist comments.

Jon realizes that there is going to be no easy way out, and remembers that Crystal had her car packed and ready to go before the bombshell was dropped. He resolves to do the same.

While Jon is packing the car, his sister Nanci arrives to do the same thing. Jon is introduced to Nanci's boyfriend Kip (whom he takes an instant dislike to). Jon makes a side trip to his mothers company to tell what he is doing. She is saddened but not surprised.

Jon rings the personnel director of Hadley-Monroe to tell him the news and Mr. Mulcahy acknowledges that Jon has a good deal. Finally Jon rings his father, who quickly descends into an angry rant. Jon hangs up on him, then starts the drive to pick up Tanisha in St Louis.

This is briefly summarized from another point of view in Chapter 53 of Dawnwalker .