Alone Together Chapter 3

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Alone Together
Chapter 3 of 18
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Time frameMarch, 1997
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  • On the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta Georgia
    • Jon's dorm room
    • Dr. McDermott's classroom



Tanisha and Jon are in his dorm room when there is a knock on the door. Jon is shocked to see his sister Crystal standing there - (seeing) who the Starship Enterprise had just beamed down out of nowhere, after three months of total silence.

Tanisha is very worried about how Crystal will react to see her there, but is surprised by the lack of reaction. Jon and Crystal discuss how bad things are between them and their father. Crystal asks Jon to pass on a message to their mother so that she knows that Crystal is OK.

After Crystal leaves Jon and Tanisha realize that they can't really go home for the summer, so they start looking for something to do, but are not finding it easy. One of their instructors, Dr. McDermott asks them to stay for a minute at the end of a lecture and asks them if they would like to work for a company called Lambdatron in Phoenix. They are both very grateful for him to pass their names along.

Part of this chapter is repeated from a slightly different viewpoint in Chapter 48 of the book Dawnwalker .

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