Canyon Fires Chapter 22

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Canyon Fires
Chapter 22 of 29
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Time frameMay 4, 2001
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Al and Karin make plans with Crystal to run Fossil Rapids with the group, but otherwise they will camp separately.

At the campfire that night, Crystal tries to draw Ben and Joy into the group. The couple first met through the computer game Dragonslayer. Randy and Myleigh mention what they know, especially friends they know in Spearfish Lake that play, some rather famous in the community.

It soon comes out that although Ben and Joy are friends and on this trip because of a raffle win, their wedding was an impulse. Jeff relates his own short engagement as do Jon and Tanisha, just before the couples discover they are neighbors in Tempe.

As Ben and Joy prepare for the night in their tent, we discover that they have had difficulties consummating their marriage. Instead of waiting to see a doctor after the trip, they consider talking to Giselle, a professional OB-GYN nurse.

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