Jeff Pleva

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Jeff Pleva
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For other persons named Jeff, see Jeff.

Jeff Pleva is a retired school bus driver and has been working for Canyon Tours in Flagstaff Arizona for over ten years. "He was also the run-and-go-get guy for the office, and proved to be good at fixing rafts and gear, too. And, more, though he wasn't a rafter, he was a big component of the glue that held the company together, at an age well into his seventies."CF16 Jeff has worked for Al and Louise Buck longer than even David and Mary Wells.

Jeff is described as wiry, elderly and balding while the description of the Canyon Tours bus is "an old brown-painted short-bodied former school bus."CF1 Jeff runs the gear and crew from the Canyon Tours back lot to Lee's Ferry the day before a trip begins. He then meets them at Diamond Creek Wash at the end of the trip to transport the customers up to meet their tour bus at the tiny town of Peach Springs up on the rim. Once they are on their way he turns around and goes back to Diamond Creek to pick up the crew and transports them back to Canyon Tours. Ray Reynolds is his substitute on the rare occasions that Jeff doesn't (or can't) do it.

Jeff served in the Army during World War II. He married a friend, Marjorie, before shipping out by eloping to Las Vegas in April, 1945. One month after celebrating their 56th anniversary, Jeff was finally convinced to make his first ride in a raft down the Grand Canyon to witness Al Buck's and Karin Chladek's wedding in 2001 (and that was just a half trip).CF16 and CF22 Marjorie watched the otherwise empty store.CF16

Jeff helped Al inspect potential houses for Tanisha and Jon Chladek when they were house shopping.GT16