Canyon Fires Chapter 16

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Canyon Fires
Chapter 16 of 29
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Time frameMay 1, 2001
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  • Fred, Boatman
  • Hannah and Wade, swampers
  • Bill Peterson, former Trip Leader


Several Canyon Tours crew and former crew have hiked supplies down to Phantom Ranch, especially Jeff, the bus driver that has never been on a raft trip until now. While Team 1 waits for some troublesome customers that hiked to the store for more beer, Team 2 heads down the river to ensure an early claim on the preferred stop for the night.

Nicole disliked missing so much from the tranquilizers and plans on changing that. Boats are more crowded now and Randy and Nicole meet Michelle and her very young looking parents, Rachel and Pat. Rachel was the second woman boatman with Canyon Tours after Louise. The talk turns to Randy's first aid experience, including his prior trip event with Jerry.

While some customers explore a side canyon, the Canyon Tours staff has a staff meeting, working out crew assignments. We learn how good Michelle is at management, but she's clear in her demands to get out of the office. As the meeting breaks up, Karin finds out Al's secret plan for more time together and getting his prospective boatmen more experience, he's going to use gear boats!

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