Canyon Fires Chapter 1

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Canyon Fires
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Time frameApril 27, 2001




After her latest boyfriend has beaten her and stolen most of her money, Nanci Chladek drives desperately to where rumor has hinted her sister might be, the only clue she has to any of her family after her father has thrown her out. She arrives at the Canyon Tours office just after her mother and Al's wedding trip has left, but manages to catch Crystal in time.

Crystal makes no promises to Nanci except to take her to their mother. She pulls their brother Jon off the bus to keep Nanci from knowing about Tanisha, should they decide to keep that marriage secret a while longer. The three siblings will drive up to Lee's Ferry ahead of the bus, talk to Karin and possibly have Nanci join the trip.

Also Mentioned

  • Kip, Nanci's old boyfriend
  • Curt, Nanci's most recent boyfriend