Jason Bailey

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Jason Bailey
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Birth date1981

Jason Bailey is a Spearfish Lake High School student that gets suspended for pulling a knife at school in 1997.AC6

Initially the principal Harold Hekkinan doesn't bother to investigate why he pulled the knife, but Brenda Hodunk asks questions after she is given a tip off by someone using the on-line game name Falconswing (this turns out to be Jason himself).

Although the suspension is mandatory, Harold Hekkinan tutors Jason during it so that he doesn't lose out on his education. Jason lives with his mother, no-one knows where his father is.

Brenda encourages Jason to develop his martial arts skills and to pay forward any thanks. He learns at the House of Mayhem, including from Randy Clark.AC14 Later Jason comes to the rescue of another student being threatened by bullies and Brenda joins in to help.AC25

Jason graduates as the high school valedictorian in the spring of 2000. He was headed to Purdue University to study math.

He started playing the online game Dragonslayer while in high school and appears to still be playing it as of 2001. His character is considered a legend by others in the game.CF22

It is never stated if he has any relationship with Don Bailey, an employee of Clark Construction or with Harry Bailey, a co-worker of Homer Sanderson at the Spearfish Lake Record-Herald back in 1973.AF6