Don Bailey

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Don Bailey
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Don Bailey is an infrequently appearing character in the Spearfish Lake Tales universe. He is the senior construction superintendent for Clark Construction.

From Chapter 65 of Dawnwalker :

Don and his crew were the lead house construction crew, and they were good at it. It was almost a separate operation, and Randy hadn't had much to do with Don, except for helping with ordering some special-order items. He had a reputation as being a cranky old cuss, but he and his crew did the best carpentry work in the company, probably the best in the area.

Later in the same chapter he has Brent send Randy out to the Grand Canyon just to keep Randy from "jiggling his elbow" as he starts on Randy's house.

As the senior construction superintendent he gets the difficult jobs, like building the house on Windmill Island in the middle of Chandler Lake for Stacy and David Newton, as described in the book Hannegan's Cove .

He also does pre-purchase home inspections for friends of Randy Clark and Clark Construction.

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