Chandler Lake

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Chandler Lake was about four hundred and fifty acres in Amboy Township.

“It’s about a mile long and more than half that wide. It was logged over in the twenties, and it was one of the places Wayne Clark replanted in the thirties. The soil over there is pretty rocky, it’s a Precambrian outcrop area like over around Three Pines, and there’s never going to be a lot of timber over there to harvest."HC17

"In the middle of this lake is a small, rocky island, half an acre or maybe a little more, at most three quarters. There are maybe half a dozen scrubby pines on it, just volunteers, none over ten or twelve feet."

David and Stacy Newton offered a million and a half for the islandHC17 and bought it at the Clark Plywood counter offer of two-and-a-half million to build their dream home - an English windmill. The island became known as Windmill Island.HC18