Hannegan's Cove Chapter 18

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Hannegan's Cove
Chapter 18 of 30
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Time frameMarch 2004
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  • Randy and Nicole Clark's house



Over lunch Randy and Nicole discuss his spending four days, maybe less, going to the west coast construction equipment show plus an in-person visit to Rachel.

Binky called and asked if she could bring a prospective Clark Construction client over to look at Randy and Nicole's house, and to discuss a potential job. Ten minutes later she introduced David and Stacy Newton. They discuss Randy building them an unconventional house. Randy states that he's open to unconventional, within the restrictions that it has to meet code in every respect.

At this point David reveals that they've bought the island in Chandler Lake. Stacy shows Randy some renderings that reveal an English windmill as the centerpiece of the house - and mentions that This is an attempt to integrate modern technology with the traditional windmill, and make controlling it as automatic as possible without resorting to computers... Computers will crap out on you at the most inconvenient times. (page creator's note: No Kidding!)

Randy verbally agrees to look at the blueprints, run them past the rest of the crew for ideas and comments and get back to them with a cost estimate.

Binky and the Newtons leave, leaving Randy with a huge roll of prints and a full list of materials. Randy and Nicole discuss this over-one-million dollar project... and how would they get the materials and equipment over to the island in the first place? Nicole suggested a pontoon raft.

The chapter closes with Randy commenting that I want to make darn sure we don’t lose money on (this project). This is the kind of thing I really wish I had Brent around for, just to bounce it off of him to see what he thinks. Nicole points out that he'd say to go ahead with it - that he was crazy enough to agree to his first job in the construction business to be building a nudist camp.

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