Andromeda Chained Chapter 14

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Andromeda Chained
Chapter 14 of 28
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Time frameOctober - November 1997
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Brenda is kept busy between work, and working out both at the Women's Fitness Center and at the House of Mayhem upstairs from the Spearfish Lake Appliance store.

Wendy and Carole are good friends, and Brenda thinks that Wendy is possibly the more interesting of the two. She was really into Dragonslayer, and Brenda is looking forward to the time when she can fight Wendy in the game. Brenda goes to her parents for Thanksgiving, which means another session of arguing with her mother. Having lost a lot of weight, Brenda's mother tells her that she isn't eating correctly. She also tries to convince Brenda to return to their home and to work in a burger bar, which Brenda would hate.

Two weeks after Thanksgiving a long standing row started. Just as the basketball season started the school was served an injunction stopping them from playing basketball. It took a long while for anyone to work out that the problem was the lack of cheerleaders at the girl's events. The girls basketball had been having a good season whereas the boys football had a bad season. The cheerleaders had been told to go support the girls team as they had a chance of going through to the finals, but instead the cheerleaders followed the boys. Lisa deLine and another parent James D. Moore had taken out an injunction against any more games until the school could guarantee equal support from the cheerleading squad.