Andromeda Chained Chapter 6

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Andromeda Chained
Chapter 6 of 28
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Time frameSeptember 1997
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Brenda is frustrated at work on the Monday morning, although as it is so busy it is a while before she can report to Mike on the fact that she feels that there is a story about the incident at the school, but she is being stonewalled over it. Mike tells her to wait until the Board Meeting, where she might learn more.

At the fitness center Connie remarks about how serious Brenda is. Connie was thinking that she might give up, which was why she asked Carole to give Brenda a boost.

At the school board meeting the board rubber stamped Harold Hekkinan's expulsion of Jason Bailey. All Brenda learns from this is Jason's name. However Lisa deLine has a rant at the board over the violence in the school, and in doing so names the other three students involved as Larry Kohlenberger, Duane Ruoff and Paul Ferguson.

Brenda returns to the office to write up the meeting straight away, it had been a long meeting, mostly taken up by routine matters, although Lisa deLine had interrupted on a number of occasions.

After writing the first draft of the story, Brenda was able to get Larry Kohlenburger on the phone to get his version of events, he didn't add to anything she knew, but the way he answered her questions suggested that there was a lot he wasn't saying.

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