Andromeda Chained Chapter 7

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Andromeda Chained
Chapter 7 of 28
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Time frameSeptember 1997
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On the Tuesday, Brenda is initially busy preparing that weeks paper. She gets a chance to talk to Mike about the Bailey situation, but says she has not been able to talk to Jason.

Mike rings Harold Hekkinan, but apparently Harold had just seen the knife, talked to the three students immediately around Jason, and suspended Jason, he hadn't investigated further. Brenda goes for a run that afternoon, and has a brief talk to a girl out running, who obviously knew something, but wouldn't say anything. Brenda gets online, and talks to Falconswing, who gives her the names of two witnesses, Cindy deLine and Henry McMahon. Apparently the three football players had been beating Jason up, and the second time he got up he'd pulled a knife in self-defense, which is when Harold Hekkinan came on the scene.

Brenda gets Cindy deLine on the phone, only to realize that she was the runner she'd talked to earlier. Brenda persuades Cindy to talk, and she confirms Falconswing story, and adds the names Amanda Sprow and Tina Berry.

Brenda is able to ring round get more names, and more confirmations of the story. Finally she talks to Henry McMahon, to the same effect. She is finally able to write the story, but has to threaten to resign for Mike to realize that she is serious. Mike checks back with Harold, to realize that he hadn't done a proper investigation of the incident, so Mike backs Brenda.

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