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Jerusalem Paper is possibly the largest employer in the town of Warsaw. The company makes toilet paper, among other paper products. It is one of the larger consumers of wood pulp in the area. They use the C&SL Railroad to transport their products. It is a 40 mile drive from Spearfish Lake.

Jerusalem Paper owned a lot of woodland for pulp cutting, especially between Spearfish Lake and Hoselton, land used in winter for dog sledding, especially for the Warsaw Run.RM13

Ed Snyder worked on the plant floor in the 1970s and his friend and fellow vet Steve Augsberg spent at least one summer there (1977) before joining Clark Plywood. Ed transferred in 1979 to the Jerusalem Paper plant in North Carolina where they were building a high-tech line.

In the winter of 1981 they suffered from a catastrophic fire, the details of which appear in the book Snowplow Extra. In that year Bruce Marshall is the manager and Clay Whitehall is the maintenance supervisor. The insurance money allowed Jerusalem Paper Products to rebuild the plant, nicer than it was before. Until the new plant was completed and operational, Jerusalem hired many of its more experienced workers for its third shift at its Rochester plant.

By 1987 the Jerusalem Paper plant needed a new production manager. Fred Linder, a machine operator and also the village fire chief that worked so hard to save the plant was promoted into the position. A new 10,000 square foot addition had been added with two production lines that made "Something new: an unscented, undyed, more biodegradable premium toilet paper. More environmentally sound."BAR06

The plant was expanded again in 1998, adding basically a warehouse, and Clark Construction won the bid.