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Hoselton is a small town and neighbor of Spearfish Lake, somewhere to its northeast. It sits along the line of the C&SL Railroad between Spearfish Lake and ten miles short of Warsaw. Hoselton residents use the Turtle Bay launch ramp for boat access to Spearfish Lake, or at least its north east side.

Hoselton is primarly a lumber town with planters and pulp loggers. There is a mill thereBAR38 and its siding is used for loading pulp logs destined for the Jerusalem Paper plant just to its east in Warsaw.RM13

Hoselton has a store that carries the Spearfish Lake Record-Herald that needed newspaper bundle drops.

In 1975 Fire Chief Wally Borck was trying, unsuccessfully, to get the village council to advance funds to buy a new tanker to replace the 1951 model which leaked over 200 gallons a day.WTLC45 WTLC54

In 1981 Wally Borck was the Hoselton Fire Chief that led his small department to the Warsaw fire by snowmobile because a bridge was out between the towns.SX3 His son Clint Borck was also a fireman. (The surname was spelled Bork in other stories)

In 2010 Clint Bork was Hoselton Fire Chief when a forest fire in their area of responsibility was discovered by Jack Erikson and Vixen Hvalchek.BHF2

Near Hoselton Bree Gravengood found good thermals to give her plenty of altitude, both outbound to Warsaw and homeward bound on her Soaring Sciety of America Silver Badge trifecta flight.RFW3 RFW4