Facing the Storm Chapter 23

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Facing the Storm
Chapter 23 of 41
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Time frameMay 2000
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Brandy is upset at Phil for dropping her in it with Front Range Technical Services. She realises that Phil has deliberately made it next to impossible for her to work for them again, so that there will be no call for them to spend most of the year apart. He suggests that she think about finishing her doctorate.

Josh gets approached for a job by Stormy Rumsey, who was born on the C&SL (see Snowplow Extra). Josh sees the opportunity to train him as a brakeman.

When he gets home Tiffany tells him that Jennifer has invited them to Talledega for a NASCAR race - Bubba's racing and she's going to sing the Anthem. They decide to go, and arrange for the store and the dogs to be looked after whilst they are away for the weekend.

John borrows Josh's truck over the weekend to start moving their household belongings from Decatur to Spearfish Lake.

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