Regina Lawrence

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Regina Lawrence
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This article is about the office manager at C&SL. For the one at Clark Construction, see Regina Lawrence (Clark Construction).

Regina Lawrence is the office manager for the C&SL Railroad.

In the edition of Facing the Storm dated March 2012 Wes had changed her name to Gina Lawrence, and this name is in the edition on in May 2021.

In 1998, while Bud Ellsberg was distracted by the slow death of his wife Kate, Regina took over most of the office functions while Josh Archer handled the operational side.FtS7 She had the office computerFtS9 and frequently used the VHF two-way radio to communicate with the trains.

Steve Rumsey referred to her as Mrs. Lawrence when he was interviewing with Josh, implying she was married, but he could be mistaken.FtS23

Other people named Lawrence mentioned in town are Lisa deLine's maiden name, but she was originally from Camden;AC6 and Regina at Clark Construction who worked there since before 1997.HC11 It's not clear if there is any relation.