Forgotten Killer

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Forgotten Killer
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First postedJuly 27, 2015 -
SeriesNew Spearfish Lake Series
Series number9
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Copyright by Wes Boyd ©2013, ©2015



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Wooden Iron Lung


It's all but forgotten now, but two things scared people in the first half of the 1950s more than anything else. The atomic bomb was one of them, and infantile paralysis - polio - was the other. While polio could strike people of any age, it mostly targeted children, often crippling them for life, and sometimes killing them despite the best possible efforts available to stem the disease. When polio came to Spearfish Lake in 1955, there were only two choices that everyone faced: run and hide, or stand and fight against unknown and seemingly impossible odds, doing what little they could, however they could, for sake of the lives of the town's children.