Birdwatcher Hill Fire

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Birdwatcher Hill Fire
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Time frameTuesday, August 17 or 24, 2010
First postedNovember 30, 2015 -
SeriesNew Spearfish Lake Series
Series number10
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Copyright by Wes Boyd ©2009 ©2015

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Jack and Vixen are searching a remote area of woods around Spearfish Lake for an eagle's nest -- but they find a forest fire instead. The woods are very dry, and fast action is needed to keep the small fire from turning into a major disaster. It is a busy and fast-paced day for local volunteer firemen led by Clint Bork, railroad workers, Randy from Clark Construction, and others from around Spearfish Lake, including members of the local nudist resort, and the two high school-aged birders are right in the middle of it.

Note: This book is the tenth in the "New Spearfish Lake" series, and is the third in the "Bird" subseries featuring Jack Ericson and Vixen Hvalchek. The timing is a little odd in that it takes place between the next to last and the last chapters of Bird on the Field .