Bird on the Field

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Bird on the Field
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Time frameJune 28, 2010-Friday, August 27, 2010
First postedFebruary 16, 2015-May 1, 2015
SeriesNew Spearfish Lake Series
Series number8
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Copyright by Wes Boyd ©2010, ©2015


Things around Spearfish Lake High School are unsettled after the superintendent is shown the door and the high school principal leaves abruptly. Math teacher Brandy Wine is named principal, with orders to get school discipline and especially the football team under control. The football team's traditional but highly illegal pre-practice beer bust is in jeopardy since the guy who's supposed to get the beer is in jail. Jack and Vixen along with their friends are considering where to go to college and trying to stay above the hassles, since they have problems of their own, while Jack's younger brother Howie is starting to realize he's having trouble with his girlfriend. Things are going to be changing around Spearfish Lake when the dust settles!