Linda Clark

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Linda Clark
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Birth nameLinda Caserowski
SpouseRyan Clark
Rachel ClarkF1972
Randy ClarkMJanuary 1976
Ruth ClarkF

For other persons named Linda, see Linda.

Linda Caserowski is a native of Spearfish Lake. Linda is married to Ryan Clark and they have three children: Rachel, Ruth and Randy. They have a nice lake front home on Point Drive.

While still in school, Linda was friends with Kirsten Langenderfer and both were present with Karin Johansen on the famous night in the Toivo Sauna that put Henry Toivo with Kirsten Langenderfer.

Linda is an elementary school teacher, having Tiffany Langenderfer-MacMahon in her class when the girl brought in a Gibson's Water Snake. Linda passes the find on to John Pacobel, thus contributing to an interesting plot tangle in the book Busted Axle Road. Linda also teaches adults that have literacy problems, though this is done confidentially; she helps Rod Turpin with his problems.

Linda, like her friend Kirsten, is described as being well endowed in the chest, and enjoys the Halloween parties at West Turtle Lake Club. She also has a smoking habit. She is described as "a sweet person, but she can barge into a conversation without thinking about it."DW17

By 2004, she is happy for Randy and Nicole's first child. As Randy describes it, "Mom has been looking for an excuse to retire anyway. It’d normally be another couple years before she could hang it up, but the school board is offering an early buyout." Nicole adds, "I think she’s more excited about it than I am. I mean, she’s already got three grandchildren, but this is the first time she’ll be able to play gramma for more than a few hours at a time."HC4 Her other grandchildren would be Rachel's Jared in California and Ruth's Mike and Abby in Arvada Center.