Rachel Clark

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Rachel Clark
Female silhouette.png
Birth date1972
SpouseJoel Lancaster
Spouse2Jim Wooten
FatherRyan Clark
MotherLinda Caserowski
Jared LancasterMJune 1995

For other persons named Rachel, see Rachel.

Rachel Clark is the oldest child of Ryan Clark and Linda Caserowski. She has two younger siblings, Ruth and Randy.

Rachel married a man named Joel Lancaster,HC8 and the couple had their first child, Jared, born around June 1995. They traveled to her parent's house in Spearfish Lake for Jared's first Christmas. By 2004, they lived in San Jose, south of San Francisco bay, in northern California.HC4

While Ruth was known to be a little more laid-back, Rachel "could get a little stuck up at times".DW29

Like her siblings Ruth and Randy, she will inherit one third of their fathers shares of Clark Plywood after he passes.

Rachel first appears in the book Dawnwalker , but is a main character in Hannegan's Cove and Winter Layoff. She appears in Chapter 11 of Hannegan's Cove with Joel and Jared for the Brent Clark funeral service and reading of the will. The comments that Joel makes about business causes Ryan Clark to tweak the distribution of Brent's estate so that Rachel gets a chunk of forest lands rather than a percentage of Clark Construction. The forest lands won't be worth anything for about ten years but will fund Jared's college education.

In the next chapter, Chapter 12 her sister Ruth has a hunch that Joel is abusing Rachel and informs Randy who informs Ryan.

A number of chapters later, in Chapter 25, after years of emotional abuse and isolation by Joel, and given detailed evidence of his infidelity, Rachel left him. Accompanied by her family, Rachel and her son leave the San Francisco area and return to Spearfish Lake.HC25 Joel follows them, commits several felonies and ends up in prison.

In mid-2004 she started working at Clark Construction as an office assistant. By late 2005, she was a bookkeeper and assistant to Regina Lawrence, the office manager.

At that time, Rachel was a slender, good-looking woman with long chestnut hair and a slightly horsy face.WL7

Jim Wooten first appears in Chapter 23 of Hannegan's Cove as the backhoe operator of choice when Clark Construction is building a special and different home for the Newtons on an island in the middle of a lake. As part of that job he has some interaction with Rachel in the office.

Later on, Jim is the main character in Winter Layoff where he helps clear a lot and build a replacement house for his aunt and uncle in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Randy, Rachel and a large crew from Clark Construction convoy down from Michigan and help Jim build the house in a couple of weeks. Rachel joins the team just to get a break from the winter weather and also because she wants to get to know Jim better. Things work out much better than anyone planned and eventually they get married (in the last chapter of Winter Layoff). Jim and Rachel later have two children of their own.