Hannegan's Cove Chapter 2

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Hannegan's Cove
Chapter 2 of 30
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Time frameJanuary 2004
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Randy and Nicole need to go to work. While roads may be plowed, driveways are not. Randy drives to Clark Construction to fetch the Bobcat (a small front loader). He clears his own driveway first to allow Nicole to get to school before he does several neighbors driveways, including the Hartwells and Evachevskis. He does a few more non-snowbird neighbors "for the sake of neighborliness".

Randy drives through town on Lakeshore Drive to Point Drive. He clears his parent's drive, saying a quick hello to his dad. He also clears the Walworths before working on the long drive of his grandfather's house. He has a short, but worrying, word with Brent's housekeeper.

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