The Outlanding

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"The Outlanding"
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Associated bookBusted Axle Road
Time frameMay 2, 1987
First postedMay 2008

This story was originally part of Busted Axle Road.   Wes cut it because it didn't contribute to the story.




The story takes place on the Saturday of the first weekend in May 1987 (May 2, 1987).

It is Jackie Gravengood's turn to fly the sailplane. Mark Gravengood drives the auto tow. The lift and thermals are good enough for her to get to Warsaw. While Jackie flies to Warsaw, Mark plays with the computer in their observatory. When Jackie turns around at Warsaw she checks in on the radio. Mark tells her that there is a steady wind coming off the lake. This mass of cold air shuts down all thermal activity on her path back to the farm. She makes it as far as West Turtle Lake Club where she runs out of altitude and is forced to land on the Club's grass airstrip.

The story concludes with Kirsten Langenderfer welcoming Jackie to the club.