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Associated bookAndromeda Chained
Time frame2001
First postedOctober 17, 2019
Contained inBulldog Spirit and Other Short Works

You remember Brenda. Brenda Hodunk. She was prominent in the last book, The Spearfish Lake House, plus in the two Learjet Jenn books and others, as well as in her own book, Andromeda Chained. This is sort of an Andromeda Chained prequel, how Brenda got her job working for Mike McMahon at the Spearfish Lake Record-Herald. There is no real hook, little real conflict, no cliffhanger, nor a big revelation at the end. It’s mostly just background for fans of Wes’s stories to gain insight on one of Wes’s more interesting characters. Short bits of this were actually used in Andromeda Chained and will be familiar, but there’s other fun stuff in here.

This short story has been included in the anthology Bulldog Spirit and Other Short Works.


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