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Use this template at the top of a book (novel) article

  |book=MC <!--Book code, normally matches (except for case) SLT's file names-->
  |time=May 1990 - December 2002 <!--time covered by the book-->
  |posted=August 31, 2009 - November 25, 2009 <!--First posted dates-->
  |last=38 <!--Number of last chapter = number of chapters in the book-->
  |prefix=slt:07dw/dw <!--Chapter prefix, using interwiki-style address -->
  |series=Dawnwalker Cycle
  |contained_in= <!-- only for novellas, etc. contained in a book -->


All parameters are optional, default value in parenthesis

  • title ({{PAGENAME}}): book title
  • link (based on book code, normally derived from prefix and thus optional): url of the book
  • bookimage ([[File:SLTL100.jpg]]): wiki link to cover image
  • bookcharacters ([[:Category:{{PAGENAME}} Characters]]): wiki link to character index
  • booklocations ([[:Category:{{PAGENAME}} Locations]]): wiki link to location index
  • time: time frame
  • contained_in: used when a story is contained in a collection
  • last: number of chapters in the book; if usng chapter pages for this book, need to put a number here (even if a guess) so that chapter infoboxes are displayed properly