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Time frameOctober 1998 – September 2001
First postedMay 2, 2011 – July 22, 2011
SeriesBradford Exiles
Series number4
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Copyright Wes Boyd ©2005, ©2011.

Sometimes you find opportunity at home. A lot of Bradford kids "take the on-ramp" when they get out of school, heading out of their home town in search of better things -- a job, a spouse, fame, fortune. But, some don't leave, and others return when their dreams have failed. Emily is one who stayed and, from what she's heard about classmates who left her life in comparison seems dull, dull, dull. Vicky left, but came back after a disastrous marriage. Follow their lives and those of others as they learn that the home town can be a place to thrive, grow, and realize their dreams. Adventure, fun, fulfillment, excitement, respect, and love can be right outside the familiar front door, and sometimes the obvious answer is the hardest one to find.


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