Blanche Tickle Girl

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Blanche Tickle Girl
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Time frame00's
First postedJune 30, 2014 -
SeriesFull Sails Series
Series number2
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Copyright © 2012, 2014 by Wes Boyd



Matt Caldwell, fresh out of college and in remission from leukemia, knows his life could be short. He wants to wring as much experience as he can from a few years off before he starts a career. On a whim as he sets sail out of Newfoundland bound for Ireland on his elderly twenty-five foot boat, he agrees to take local girl Mary O'Leary with him less than an hour after meeting her. Despite very different backgrounds, the two tend to see many things the same way. A iceberg encounter in the North Atlantic, cruising the British Isles, Norwegian fjords, the Baltic, European canals, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean are all adventures of a lifetime for both of them, despite parents and other difficulties they have to face -- but at least they can face them together.