County Road 919

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County Road 919 was a gravel road heading north or north-east from the state road near Turtle Bay of Spearfish Lake. It crossed the railroad, went between Wood Duck Lake and the Turtle Lakes and west of Turtle Hill. It was named Turtle Hill Road but most people just called it "919".RM13

County Road 919 had a reputation that was, at best, evil. It was narrow and crooked in the best of places; this close to Spearfish Lake it was at least gravel-surfaced. As the road ran on to the northeast it became narrower, the surface became looser and the road even more crooked before it emerged well to the east of Warsaw. That by itself wouldn’t have made it so bad, but there were a lot of logging trucks going both ways on that road, usually with pedal to the metal and often using all the road and then some.BHF4

The North Country Trail crossed County Road 919 by Turtle Hill.

Shaundessy's Bait and Tackle was on County Road 919, the West Turtle Lake Club driveway and the access road to the top of Turtle Hill were off County Road 919

Access to Birdwatcher Hill was from County Road 919 on an old logging trail, which didn't show on maps, about six miles north of Shaundessy's Bait Shop.

The road is a significant location in Birdwatcher Hill Fire, and mentioned in a number of other books.