Turtle Hill

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Turtle Hill overlooks the town of Spearfish Lake. It is a high glacial EskerRM9, and a favorite spot for couples to go to spend time together.BAR735

Hjalmer Lindahlsen takes Jackie Archer there, and discovers a group of astronomers (including Mark Gravengood) conducting a Messier marathon.ROC1

Randy Clark and Nicole Szczerowski had gone there a few times, taking each other's virginity in the back seat of Randy's old Dodge.PE2

Josh and Tiffany Archer get married on this spot.FtS15

Mike McMahon and Mark Gravengood take their dog teams on the hill, enjoying a beautiful, snowy morning and the scenery, while giving the dogs good exercise.BAR794

Mike McMahon and Kirsten went out there, probably resulting in their third child, Susan.AF28