Google Earth and the Spearfish Lake Tales

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This page will contain downloadable Google Earth Placemarks that you can use to enhance your story enjoyment and understanding.

To use these downloads place them on the desk top of your computer. Go to the "File" menu and select "Open". Navigate to the file, select it and click "open". The set will appear at the bottom of your places menu under "Temporary Places". Expand the entry and select the folder with the placemarks and drag and drop it into the "My Places" area. To load an updated placemarks version first delete the old set from the "My Places" section and then follow the instructions above.

If you do not currently have Google Earth the free version can be downloaded via this link. Google Earth

To download the file in Windows use "right click" "Save Target as " on the Macintosh use "option" "click".   Furnished by Kirby Lambert Updated 2009-05-08
    Rocinante.kmz   Furnished by Kirby Lambert Updated 2009-05-08
  • The Next Generation

  • Snowplow Extra

  • Busted Axle Road

  • Runner's Moon

  • Absent Friend

  • Dawnwalker

  • Andromeda Chained

  • Alone Together

  • Facing the Storm

  • Blue Beauty