Sword of the Amazon

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Sword of the Amazon
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Time frameMid to late 2003
First postedFebruary 17, 2020 – May 14, 2020
Series number11
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A masked woman in black carrying only a sword stops a holdup at a Toledo Ohio convenience store late one evening and disappears into the night. A few days later, she again appears from nowhere to rescue a six-year-old girl kidnapped earlier that same day and fades into the dark. She calls herself Hippolyta after the Amazon Queen from Greek mythology, but police are stumped as to who she is, and so are the media, calling her a new modern-day superheroine. Newspaper reporter and part-time policeman Charlie Parker, with younger sister Sally Parker who’s a reporter for a local TV station, are working with Janice and Rick, two more cops, to uncover her identity. Then the situation turns serious, with the local gangs now targeting her because she helped in a recent drug bust. Deadly serious, with MAC-10s aimed directly at her!