Winchester Harbor

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Winchester Harbor
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Time frameLate '70s or early 80s
First postedApril 15, 2013
SeriesFull Sails Series
Series number1
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Copyright © 2011, 2013 by Wes Boyd


Jake Lewis is at odds with his family over a girl he thought was his life partner who doesn't seem to feel that way. He doesn't know what to do except go looking for a new life somewhere else. Helping on a marina fuel dock, crewing on a Great Lakes charter fishing boat, and learning to sail help to take his mind off a cheating fiancée and his family problems, but not enough. Will the new friends he's made, including some rather special girls, help him find new direction and goals? And perhaps a new love from an unexpected quarter?


No exact dates are mentioned. However, several clues let us narrow it down some. Nate mentions the Edmund Fitzgerald sinking "a few years ago"; it sank in 1975, so that puts the story no sooner than 1977 or '78. The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway is "not open all the way yet", which means the story is set before waterway was completed in 1984.

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Jake is from Wychbold, the home town of Roger Bishop in Cattail. Mel Austin from Bullring Days is alluded to though not mentioned by name.