Square One Chapter 25

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Square One
Chapter 25 of 51
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Time frameJanuary 2001
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Despite the storm the sprint races are still held on the Sunday. Shay & Cody both win their respective races. On the Monday the schools are closed due to snow, Gil doesn't open his shop, and the Spearfish Lake Record-Herald closes early.

Josh rings in the evening to say that Tiffany's pregnancy is confirmed, making Danny sad at his own lack of kids, despite Marsha. Josh wants Danny to work on the railroad the following day, and also wants to see if he's free for a long 4-day weekend.

The next day Danny meets Josh, Chris Lincoln and David Ames at the Spearfish Lake Cafe for breakfast, Josh explains how they are going to run the railroad, with Stormy Rumsey, the Rakestraw kid and Harry Anson, with Bud Ellsberg and Walt Archer available as backups.

When they are out running down the track, Josh asks Danny to help as pit crew for him and Candice running the Beargrease 500 mile dogsled race, as Tiffany can't run due to morning sickness. Supporting the race means a lot of boring driving for Danny. Candice comes in 14 and Josh 17, and on the way back he spends the time musing on what he's missed out on in a marriage. Josh brings up the topic of the Iditarod. They really want to runs a second team of less experienced dogs as well as Phil's team, but Tiffany and Josh won't be able to do it whilst starting a family, running the Outfitters store and a short line railroad.

Josh drops the fact on Candice that she now has the required entry qualifications for the Iditarod as she has successfully finished the Beargrease. Candice is excited at the idea, but needs to tell John at the right time to minimize any trouble.

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