Dave Ames

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Dave Ames
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For other persons named Dave, see Dave.

Dave Ames is a summer brakeman for the C&SL Railroad. He is considered to be very good at his work.

Dave first appears in Facing the Storm Chapter 7. "Dave was the best brakeman the Camden and Spearfish Lake Railroad had. He was a fairly sharp kid who'd graduated from Spearfish Lake High School a few years before, and who, unlike most kids, didn't want to head off to the big city and bright lights. He was a hunter and a fisherman, rode ATVs and did other outdoor stuff that he wouldn't be able to do working in some factory in some city, somewhere. He figured he was lucky to get a good, solid outdoor job year around in the Spearfish Lake area that didn't involve cutting pulpwood, and Josh figured they were lucky to have him." Facing the Storm Chapter 22.

He is probably the engineer of Peddler in August 2010 when Josh Archer was ensuring it would be clear to fight a fire from the tracks.BHF24