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Dave may refer to:

  • Dave Luma, father of Cory Luma, was a scouting father and son combination that enjoying camping with Jason and Duane MacRae. It was Dave's interest in whitewater that meant Duane was already well skilled before college.HS7 Dave operated a backhoe and was a Viet Nam vet.
  • Dave Stitely ran dogsleds in the Warsaw Run.RM13 Josh Archer helped him build a good team and Dave could occasionally fill in on dog chores.RM19

Other Dave's with no known last name include:

  • Dave was an amateur astronomy friend of Mark Gravengood in 1971 that had a Unitron on Turtle Hill.ROC1-1
  • David was a friend of Mark Gravengood that ran up an expensive phone bill and inspired Mark to start a telnet site, Marlin Computer.AF34 This could be the same person as his astronomy friend.
  • Dave was Carole Carter's boyfriend at the start of her handcuff experiment. He was not for long after that.AC18

...if it's not in the above list, then Dave's Not Here!   (from Cheech & Chong)