Roger Bishop

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Roger Bishop
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Birth date1956
SpouseColleen Bishop
Erin BishopF

Roger Bishop is a self-described Retired Factory Rat that is a lead character in the story Cattail. His late wife's name was Colleen and they had a daughter, Erin. The family lived in Wychbold, Michigan. Roger's parents had retired and now lived in Arizona, although they returned to Wychbold for occasional holidays.

Roger was born around 1956 and trained in carpentry during his time at a vocation school and when he joined the Army, spent most of his time there in that field. After leaving the Army and returning to Wychbold, he renewed his acquaintance with Colleen. The two hadn't clicked while at school together, but things had changed and they soon married. Colleen died in a car accident around 2000. Her van was hit by a semi-tractor trailer that had run a red light. She is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Roger spent twenty-six years, six months, and eleven days with Ford Motor Company working a line at their Saline Plant. He retired in the spring of 2005 under an early retirement buyout package. He was described as "just under six feet, lean without being thin, and had thinning brown hair".CAT1

After retiring, Roger was somewhat at loose ends until he decided to head for the gulf coast and help with the cleanup after Hurricane Katrina. In short order, he buys a used RV, loads up his tools, and heads to Gulfport, Mississipi, where he joins a crew working on a Habitat for Humanity project.

His next-door neighbors in Wychbold include Larry Herter, his wife Liz and their daughter Amber.