Larry Herter

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Larry Herter
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SpouseLiz Herter
Amber HerterF

Larry Herter and his wife Liz live in Wychbold, Michigan with their daughter Amber. They live next-door to Roger Bishop, one of the primary characters in the book Cattail.

The Herter family spends time in the summer at Sunny Hill, a nudist camp from where they knew Bonnie Smith. Roger Bishop was unaware that the Herters were nudists until attempting to introduce Bonnie and Catalina.CAT7 "It's not the sort of thing you breeze around town," Amber chimed in. "I'd catch pure hell at school if it got out that my family is all nudist. I'd never hear the end of the smart remarks, the teasing, and not to mention the wandering hands and small minds."CAT7

Roger would call the Herters when returning from a trip to turn up the heat in the house and in the hot tub.CAT12 He made arrangements with them to "do some other things around the house like water the plants and take in the mail"CAT7 or have the snow removed from the driveway.CAT16